Bette Midler rips Trump as “not human” calls him “a slug, a parasite, a leech, a conman & a sociopath”

In a tweet where she minced no words Saturday, “Wind Beneath My Wings” singer Bette Midler blasted Trump, writing “This dishonorable creature is not human. A slug, a parasite, a leech, a conman & a sociopath.”

She added “After the struggles that doctors and nurses have endured since this pandemic began, which we ourselves have witnessed? How dare he?”

Midler also shared a tweet that was just the word “Covid” repeated over and over.

Firing back and Vice President Pence, Midler wrote later in the day “You too have crossed the line from delusional to criminally insane. Ended the “war on coal”? Coal is obsolete, old man, and so are you. Climb into your covered wagon and you and mother go ‘long home to Indiana.”