Bette Midler Promises to Buy $100k of Bolton’s Books, Demands he go on TV “NOW!”

Moments ago, Anti-Trump performer Bette Midler had an unusual reaction to the Senate motion to call witnesses failing.

In a pair of tweets, Midler implored former National Security Adviser John Bolton to go on television to give networks an interview.

In exchange, Midler promised to buy $100k worth of his book.

Dear Mr Bolton,

I promise I will buy many, multiple copies of your book when it comes out. I will buy $100,000 worth! I promise I will give it for birthdays, holidays, and especially on the 4th of July. Only PLEASE! Go on television, give any network an interview! Do it NOW!

“We will be asked why we didn’t want to hear the truth when we had the chance. Use your power to hold a fair trial, with documents and witnesses. Let the American people know that YOU know that they deserve to hear the truth and that the truth still matters.”

One of Midler’s followers liked the idea, writing “I support this Bette. I’m so shocked that America is denied the truth in court. It’s a travesty that shocks me to the core.
God save America as the government won’t….”

Another Twitter user felt Midler was being to generous, writing

“Don’t buy it Bette, he refused to testify when he could have, but those that reported to him were brave enough to testify under oath.

He could have spoken up today before the vote, he chose not to.

He could have done so much more.”

Here are some of the other responses.

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