Bette Midler Pleads with Twitter CEO to Kick Trump Off or Shut Down

Hollywood actress-turned-activist Bette Midler took to social media over the weekend, where she demanded Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ban President Trump from Twitter, at least until after the 2020 election.

In a rambling screed, the aging actress urged Dorsey to silence the president’s account, and said “You’ve made more than enough money, [and] Trump is strangling the free world [with] his racist bile.”

Midler joined the ranks of several other high-profile celebrities who have encouraged social media platforms to ban President Trump and his supporters, with a specific focus on controlling the outcome of the election.

Needless to say, conservatives were not amused with Midler’s suggestion, and took to Twitter to share their own thoughts.

Many pointed out that Midler and other far-left activists calling for the silencing of political rivals is akin to historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, who infamously snuffed out the voices of all who opposed their radical beliefs.