Bette Midler Erupts After Trump Acquittal Becomes Imminent With Angry Tweet Storm

Performer Bette Midler made it very clear she is unhappy with President Trump being acquitted with a series of angry tweets.

Here are the tweets in chronological order as they appear to continue to increase in anger and intensity.

In the final tweet, Midler calls President Trump a “lying cheating backstabbing traitor.”

Great nations rise & fall according to their leadership. Now, we have none. In following #DonaldJTrump into the darkness we are consigning ourselves to a fate from which we may never recover; losing all standing in the world, having proven our great, soaring ideals empty as air.

I am heartbroken. It’s like a death in the family. Only it’s a nation.

Wait until Wednesday, when the old, spineless incompetent grasping winners of the healthcare and pension lottery in the Senate acquit this putrid president. Said Pres will be on the phone THE NEXT DAY, ASKING FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS TO HACK OUR 2020 ELECTION ON HIS BEHALF.

Really! Why don’t YOU run for the Senate? You have fantastic perks, undeserved respect, you don’t have to do f*ckall, and you collect a pretty good salary! Best of all, the healthcare is unbelievable and FREE!! You don’t even have to show up! Haven’t you ever watched C-Span?

Fake President. Fake Commander in Chief. Fake Human Being.

STFU, you impeached-for-life dimwit. He MADE his money HIMSELF, and is morally, financially, and intellectually worth 100 of you. “Really not fair”? coming from the likes of you, you fraud? What the f*ck do you know about fairness, you lying cheating backstabbing traitor??

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