Bette Midler claims Trump’s “endgame” is to install himself as “dictator for life”

Ahead of tonight’s final RNC night, performer Bette Midler caused a stir with yet another provocative tweet claiming Trump is scheming to install himself as “dictator for life”

Midler wrote “Putin’s Grand Plan is currently on vivid display as the #RNC trots out its lies, and race war.”

She added “The Russian asset currently causing all this mayhem takes “no responsibility”, but the endgame will be tragic, the death of our Republic, as he installs himself as dictator-for-life.”

Unlike the first 2 nights of the RNC where she provided provocative live tweets, Midler says she will not be watching tonight.

Midler wrote “Tonight, the last night of whatever that is, I’ll be watching one of my favorites, “First Wives Club!” Haven’t seen it in eons, and if I’m not mistaken, #Ivana is in it! Remember her?”

Midler had caused a stir 2 nights prior by attacking Melania Trump for her accent, calling her an “illegal alien” as well as an “awful person.”