Bette Midler Calls Trump “the most hated, most repulsive human male on the planet today”

Friday, performer Bette Midler had some harsh words for President Trump.

Reacting to Trump’s recent assessment of Elizabeth Warren and why her candidacy failed, Midler gave her own unflattering assessment of the President.

Midler tweeted:

#EllizabethWarren is a powerhouse, but Donald Trump, that stable genius, said she was unlikeable. Well, Don, in breaking news, she’s 100% more likable than you! You are the most hated, most repulsive human male on the planet today, & God knows, there are plenty to choose from.

Some Twitter users were quick to disagree.

When recently asked about Elizabeth Warren’s failure to capture the Democrat party nomination, President Trump rejected the notion that it was based on sexism.

Trump did credit Warren for being a good debater and destroying Bloomberg.

President Trump:

I think lack of talent was her problem.

She had a tremendous lack of talent… she is a very mean person and people don’t like her… they like a person like me that’s not mean


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