Bette Midler calls Trump an “idiot” and “a perfect sociopath”

Sunday, performer Bette Midler ripped President Trump, calling him an “idiot” and “perfect sociopath” while also criticizing Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Midler wrote “Watching #60Minutes and it’s so hard to believe that this idiot is our “leader”…he is so full of grievance and malignant rage. He hides behind his denials and attacks. In his mind, he has been perfect.”

“He is perfect. A perfect sociopath,” she added.

Midler then turned her attention to Judge Amy Coney Barretr.

The “Wind Beneath My Wings” singer wrote “#JudgeAmyConeyBarret IS hostile to the ACA. You, too will reach this conclusion if you read her writings. We are in a pandemic; there will be devastating residual effects from the virus that will be defined as pre-existing conditions by insurance companies. #screwedagain”