Bette Midler calls for both Giuliani and Trump to be Charged with Murder

Reacting to news that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had contracted COVID-19, “Wind Beneath My Wings” performer Bette Midler was not in a sympathetic mood when taking to Twitter.

Midler tweeted “#RudyGiuliani exposed hundreds to Covid-19 as he relentlessly criss-crossed the country seeking to overturn the election; pix of him maskless, hugging, kissing, posing with other Covidiots…it’s enough to make you gag. Pity the poor doctors & nurses who have to treat him.

She added in a subsequent tweet “Honestly? Both Rudy G and Donald T should be charged with murder.”

Several other Trump critics took to Twitter after Rudy was diagnosed with COVID-19 with mocking and condescending comments.