Bette Midler blasts “the right” says “you just want yours and the rest of us can drop dead”

In a series of tweets Friday, performer Bette Midler blasted “the Right.”

Midler wrote “The #Right is saying they are not voting for one man, they are voting for the Second Amendment. To which I say, “And I am voting for the right of children not to be murdered in their schools, concert goers to be murdered at a show, or while shopping, at McDonalds, or at random.”

She added in a follow up tweet “Your justice is for JUST US. You have no interest in what is the American way, the majority’s will, nor are you interested in the LAW. You just want yours and the rest of us can drop dead. Nice.”

In a third tweet Midler wrote “”The #Right says they’re voting for next #SCOTUS, to which I say, “You’ve had a right wing majority for years, who illegally handed #GeorgeBush a victory over #AlGore, a huge mistake, and #CitizensUnited, which as undermined Democracy to a terrible degree.”