Bette Midler asks “Where were the patriots at Walter Reed?” says “They had a great opportunity, too.”

Thursday, performer Bette Midler tweeted “#DonaldTrump KILLED people at the Insurrection. If he had put a gun to their heads, he could not have done a more efficient job. And two policemen killed themselves from shame. Have you no hearts, #Republicans? Never, ever again say “#BlueLivesMatter.” You’re f*cking liars.”

Moments ago, Midler responded to Cheryl Mckinley, who asked “How many people would be alive today if he had actually succumbed to Covid in October?”

Midler wrote “I keep wondering, where were the patriots at #WalterReed? Damn. They had a great opportunity, too.”

One Twitter user condemned Midler’s tweet by writing “I may not have agreed with Trump, but I never wished anything of that sorts to anyone, including him. I was praying for him for a speedy recovery. And, I was hoping he would advocate and be more serious regarding the pandemic after he recovered.”

Another wrote “Oh don’t we love just pure evil at its finest.”

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