Beto Suffering from Low Attendance as His Collapse Continues

For Texas Democrat and 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke, his seemingly unstoppable rise to popularity during the 2018 midterm elections has quickly dwindled as he now finds himself competing against the likes of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

While O’Rourke enjoyed widespread media attention as he sought to unseat Republican Senator Ted Cruz, following his decision to enter the 2020 fray, his grassroots message that liberal voters and the press once found appealing has waned noticeably.

During a Friday speech at a campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, O’Rourke failed to draw 50 people, with reports indicating that approximately 35 people showed up to the event.

Despite a litany of excuses coming from both O’Rourke’s campaign and the press, conservatives flocked to social media to share their belief that the Texas Democrat has run out of steam.

Even supporters of O’Rourke noted that the low turnout reflected poorly on both O’Rourke and his campaign.