Beto Claims Congress Should Impeach Trump Even If Americans Don’t Want It

Former El Paso congressman and struggling 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke wants President Trump impeached so badly, he doesn’t even care that the majority of the American people don’t want it.

A new poll released on Wednesday states that 61% of Americans DO NOT want President Trump impeached.

The New York Post reported that nearly 70 percent of American voters believe a sitting president should be able to be charged criminally, but 61 percent oppose Congress beginning the process to impeach President Trump, a new survey released Wednesday found.

The Quinnipiac University Poll showed 69 percent of voters overall agree that the occupant of the White House should be subject to criminal charges, while 24 percent said the president shouldn’t be charged until after leaving office.

But that doesn’t matter to Beto.

IJR reported that O’Rourke claimed that Congress should impeach President Donald Trump even if the American people are against it.

Although Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been pumping the brakes on impeachment, many Democrats have been calling for President Trump to be removed from office because of the findings of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, even though Mueller didn’t find evidence of criminal conspiracy and refused to move on obstruction of justice.

One reason Pelosi has been hesitant on impeaching President Trump is the political damage that could hit the Democratic Party if they move forward. Several polls have shown that the American people — especially the politically-invaluable independent voters — do not favor impeachment.

Despite the fact that Americans are not supportive of impeachment, O’Rourke claimed that Congress should ignore the desires of the American people.

During an interview on “State of the Union,” O’Rourke told host Jake Tapper that he believes elected officials know better than the American people when it comes to impeaching Trump.

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