Beto accuses Senator Ted Cruz of being “guilty of sedition”

Sunday, former Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of being “guilty of sedition”

It began when Beto chimed in on Cruz’s Twitter Feud with actor Seth Rogen.

“Don’t let him off the hook,” Beto wrote “Don’t let him make this about “Hollywood” — this is about Ted Cruz aiding and abetting an insurrection that killed 5 people including a cop and very nearly ended in the murders of members of Congress and the Vice President.”

Beto then added in subsequent tweets:

Why does he keep this fight going with Seth Rogen even though he’s getting destroyed at every turn? Because he’s guilty of sedition. He’s hoping distraction & time diminish the urgency of accountability. Don’t let him change the channel or the subject, it is sedition every time.

Keep the pressure up. The Houston Chronicle, El Paso Times and San Antonio Express News have all called on him to resign. Joe Manchin, so hidebound by Senate tradition that he won’t consider ending the filibuster, says he’s open to expelling Cruz!

Call your Senator 202-224-3121 (even if it’s Cruz. His team should know they work for a seditionist) & tell them you want accountability. Action. Without it, the precedent is set that one can commit sedition without consequence. And that guarantees there will be another attempt.