Bernie Supporter Cenk Uygyr “Good luck to Joe Biden. He is going to need it”

Bernie supporter Cenk Uygur reacted to his candidate dropping out by warning Biden supporters they don’t have an easy road ahead of them.

Cenk tweeted:

Now that @BernieSanders has dropped out, let’s all acknowledge that he is (Greatest of All Time). And even MSM, predictably, has softened in their analysis of him now that he is not in the race. Now they give him credit for moving the entire party. Thank you, our champion!

Good luck to @JoeBiden. He is going to need it. I will always work 100% to make sure Trump is not re-elected. I have never wavered from that. But Biden was not our pick. If he loses, it’ll be a catastrophe once again brought to you by establishment Democrats and national media.

Biden supporters said he is most electable. I can’t wait to see how they are going to excite people. Looking forward to their strategy for electoral victory. What I don’t ever want to hear is excuses after a loss. They better get this right. Their candidate, their responsibility.

Cenk famously had a really hard time dealing with Biden’s strong showing on Super Tuesday.


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