Bernie Promises VP “Won’t Be an Old White Guy” If He Wins and “Important Role” for AOC

While not naming names, 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders revealed if wins the Democrat party nomination his vice president won’t be “an old white guy.”

Bernie has also revealed he would not ask Joe Biden to be his running mate, and would have a “very important role” for media sensation and “squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At 30 years old, AOC is too young to be Vice President. She is however, eligible to run for President in 2024, just meeting the deadline.

Per Newsweek, asked who was on his running mate shortlist, the Vermont senator said: “All right, let me just say this. I think it’s a little bit premature. It will not be an old white guy.”

“I think Joe [Biden] has had eight years as vice president: probably enough,” Sanders added. “I believe in diversity. I believe and know that my administration and my cabinet will look like America looks like. I’m not going to tell you who it’s going to be.”

The second place Democratic primary candidate said his team “haven’t considered” who would be vice president in his administration, but added: “The country is long overdue for the kind of diversity that we’re going to bring to the White House.”

Although Sanders declined to say who he would pick as his running mate, the Vermont senator has previously said Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York would have a “very important role” in his White House, should he win the presidency.

Politico also reported in December that people around Sanders believed his fellow Democratic primary candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren was a “likely choice” for his running mate.

Speaking to the Times Editorial Board about who he would keep in mind for nominations to the Supreme Court, Sanders said they would have to be “100 percent” in favor of Roe v. Wade—the 1973 decision that established abortion as a constitutional right.