Ben Carson Mocks Progressive Concept of Gender and Race Being Self-Determined

Appearing on the Tucker Carlson show, former Brain Surgeon and current head of HUD Ben Carson defended biological reality and was not buying the far left’s idea that gender can essentially be “self determined.”

“You know, if I wake up tomorrow and I feel like I’m Chinese, it doesn’t necessarily make me Chinese.” joked Carson.

Bill Nye “Science Guy” sparked outrage online when his show featured Rachel Bloom performing a cringeworthy song arguing gender is completely “fluid.”


Per DailyCaller, “I wonder if you could clarify, if someone decides to change his or her gender, does that mean that that person’s gender automatically changes?” asked Carlson. “In other words, if I say I am a woman, am I?”

“Obviously it doesn’t,” said Carson. “You know, if I wake up tomorrow and I feel like I’m Chinese, it doesn’t necessarily make me Chinese. You know, there are biological and scientific issues that have to be dealt with, too.”

“But, regardless of that, you know, I have always said we are supposed to serve all the people and you know, somebody wants to be transgender, that’s fine,” he continued. “We try to serve them as well. But my point is we also have to take into consideration the other people. And I have offered transgender groups an opportunity to let me know what their solution would be so that everybody’s rights are observed. I haven’t heard one peep.”

“What’s that like being dismissed as a bigot? How would you respond to that?” asked the Fox News host.

Carson compared the label to President Trump being “called a racist for virtually anything he does or doesn’t do.”

“You know, they have already made up their mind that I hate transgender people, which is completely untrue,” he said. “You know, the Bible tells us that we have to love everybody and that Jesus died for everybody. And you truly believe that, but it also tells you that if you stick to Biblical principles you will be persecuted, so I am not surprised at that either. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always continue to try to do what is right and let the chips fall where they may.”


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