Ben Carson “a vote for Trump is a vote for freedom. I urge you to vote for my friend”

In a new Op-Ed for USA today, HUD Secretary Ben Carson writes “a vote for Trump is a vote for freedom” and urges Americans to vote for President Trump’s re-election, saying “I urge you to vote for my friend.”

In the Op-Ed Carson says “Donald and I were friends before the campaign season had started.”

He recalls an event that took place before Trump had even won the GOP nomination.

Carson writes “The evening of the last debate, I approached my fellow candidate and said, “Donald, you’re going to be the next president of the United States.”

Donald looked back at me and said, “Why do you think so, Ben?”

“Because God is not done with our country, and because the American people haven’t given up on it either,” I replied.”

Later in the Op-Ed Carson touts President Trump’s accomplishments with the African American community.

He writes “Before the pandemic hit, African American unemployment was at an all-time low, jobs were plentiful and the economy was booming. This doesn’t just happen out of thin air or due to empty speeches by former politicians. It happens through brave leadership. It happens because we have a leader with courage who stands up to give a voice to those who have been forgotten for far too long. It happens because we have a strong leader who takes decisive action when others before him only made empty promises.”

“Trump is that courageous leader who keeps his promises — economic prosperity, religious freedom, and common sense in the courts,” Carson adds.