Behar says “I’m more worried that Trump could pull this off” claims “Russian interference is alive and kicking”

This morning on “The View” co-host Joy Behar expressed concern that President Trump could win despite polls showing Biden leading.

Behar said  “I’m more worried that Trump could pull this off though because of various reasons. We all see the polls and see that Biden is ahead, but the Russian interference is alive and kicking.”

“Facebook is continuing to leave all the lies on the pages. The postal service is being interfered with.” she continued.

“On top of that, I’ll make this quick” Behar added “The Electoral College is I think an issue and a problem. In the history of the United States there were four presidents who won without the popular vote because of the Electoral College. I think it’s ridiculous that a few states … determines my future. It’s ridiculous.”

Behar then asked rhetorically “so why bother voting in the rest of the country? They need to change the Electoral College as soon as possible.”