VIDEO: Joy Behar Calls DC Crowd Chanting “Lock Him Up” to Trump a “Beautiful Moment”

Anti-Trump host of “The View” Joy Behar called a crowd of DC baseball fans booing President Trump a “beautiful moment” and enjoyed how they used “his words against him.”

Meghan adds context by pointing out the crowd is in liberal DC, the heart of the “swamp.”

Whoopi Goldberg however seems to reject the demographic argument and says “look, I think people are pissed at him.”

Sunny Hostin adds ““The lock him up didn’t come from the suite. Those are the expensive seats. Those came from the upper seats, the seats where I sat in as a kid. Those aren’t the expensive seats. Those are the people seats. So I think that you have this fervor coming. I even saw banners, Veterans for Impeachment. People are upset with this president.”


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