“Beautiful” Kayleigh reacts to emotional tribute to Rush from his brother

Friday, David Limbaugh penned an emotional tribute to his late brother Rush Limbaugh on Townhall.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the piece “BEAUTIFUL.”

David writes in the piece titled “Goodbye to My Brother — for Now” that “Losing Rush has been tough. Until a few very long weeks ago, he was always in my life. Like other siblings growing up in the same home, we shared experiences that were exclusive to us. Our parents instilled in us — and we thoroughly absorbed — their Christian values: their love of God; their unconditional love for each other and for us; their belief in moral absolutes, of truth, of right and wrong; the paramount importance of family; the critical necessity of personal character and integrity; the value of human life; and the uncompromising duty to treat others with respect and compassion. No one perfectly succeeds in living out these godly values, but our parents equipped us, lovingly disciplined us and guided us.”

“Though Rush is now known to the world as a consummate talker, what is not widely known is that he didn’t start that way. He was first a listener — an information sponge, quietly inhaling knowledge at the feet of our dad,” he continued.

David later adds ‘Rush was loving and unfailingly generous — the best brother, the best brother-in-law, the best uncle and the best cousin we could have had. In the weeks following his death, I have felt a deep and profound loss. We were in constant communication, supporting each other to the end. Every day since he died, I steadily find myself wanting to share something with him and instantly realize I can’t and will not be able to again until we meet in heaven. That hurts.”

He concludes his tribute by saying “Goodbye, big brother. Thank you for being you and for being there for me all your life. I am so, so grateful for you — and may God bless you forever and hold you in His loving arms.”

Read the full piece here. 

Ellen Carmichael wrote “Absolutely beautiful, touching piece from my friend @davidlimbaugh about his late brother, Rush – sharing what only a brother could know”