“Bath and Body Works” manager tells man “F Donald Trump” for wearing a Trump face mask

According to Jeremiah Cota, a manager at Bath and Body Works, told him “F Donald Trump” for simply walking by with a Trump face mask.

Cota then approached the manager and recorded her and she did not deny it.

He asks “you said F*ck Donald Trump?”

And she replies “yeah because that’s how I feel.”

Cota wrote on Facebook:

My experience at Scottsdale Fashion Square was not nice. I was accosted by the BathandBody Woks manager simply for wearing a Trump face mask.

She yelled at me “F—- Donald Trump” while I was simply walking by the store. I was not in the store she yelled at me while I was walking by.

I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no.

Sorry for the course language I had to repeat what she said just to make sure I heard correctly.

This is what passes for customer service towards Trump supporters now days.


Cota added “For those wondering where this harassment took place. This occured at the #BathandBodyWorks store at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall @ScottsdaleFS this evening.”