Barbra Streisand Defends Impeachment, Claims Trump “Aspires to be a Despot”

Sharing an article from the NY Times, performer Barbra Streisand wrote on Twitter that the founders had envisioned impeachment as a tool to stop aspiring despots like Trump

From his blatant attempt to extort Ukraine using taxpayer money for a fake investigation of his political rival, there is question that Trump aspires to be a despot, and impeachment is the sober process envisioned by the Founders to counter such a threat.

Wayne Krennerich replied:

I would prefer to see an investigation into Joe Biden first. If nothing is found then you can claim it was political. My hunch is that the Biden’s acts were unethical if not illegal. Biden has a stink about him that will taint the Democrat party.

Tiffany Turner agreed with Streisand and wrote:

I think he is exactly something that they envisioned, and we’ve just been lucky that it’s been so long before all the provisions of our government, checks and balances, are being tested. Maybe we should thank him for that. It’s nice to see the theory they envisioned being tested.

Lorrie Lessler also agreed with Streisand, writing:

Having a criminal as the President of the United States is concerning the entire world. He’s not trustworthy and it’s given that he’s out of his mind!

Capt. Spaulding wrote:

Where, oh where, to begin…The President of Ukraine, with whom President Trump was on the disputed phone call with, EXPLICITLY said NO QUID PRO QUO

Did you not watch the hearings? Also have you forgotten about Fusion GPS? Ring a bell? The hypocrisy is astounding

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