Barbra Streisand Claims Trump “Obsesses” But Will Never Live Up to Obama’s Legacy

Anti-Trump performer Barbra Streisand, who was given a “medal of freedom” by Obama, claimed on Twitter that Trump obsesses over Obama’s legacy but will never live up to it.

Streisand tweeted:

Trump once again lies and obsesses about President Obama, whose legacy he’ll never live up to.

Iran wasn’t given our money but sent their own frozen assets, and the amount is a fraction of what Trump claims

One of Streisand’s supporters agreed, tweeting “His obsession with Obama is not normal. He knows he will never be the man Obama is.”

Early December, Streisand took to Twitter to share 6 reasons she thinks President Trump “must be impeached”

In a series of 3 tweets Streisand tweeted:

Trump must be impeached:
1. Trump bribed and extorted the Ukraine with taxpayer money to investigate a political rival for personal gain.
2. Trump believes he is above the law. He thinks presidents can do anything.
3. Trump threatened a witness, a career diplomat, during the impeachment inquiry.
4. Trump clearly lied and obstructed justice in the Mueller investigation.
5. Trump dismisses intelligence briefings about Russia’s role in undermining our democracy, and repeats Kremlin disinformation on Ukraine.
6. Trump is personally profiting from the presidency, violating the emoluments clause. He charges our government to stay at his resorts.

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