Barbra Streisand claims “more than 20,000 people dead” because of Trump

Breitbart reports Hollywood star Barbra Streisand managed to work in a plug for her single “Don’t Lie to Me” from her 2018 album Walls in a rant claiming that President Donald Trump is directly responsible for the more than 20,000 deaths in the United States due to coronavirus. The accusatory tweet posted on Easter Sunday said that Trump is “unfit” to lead the country.

Barbra Streisand, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, lashed out at President Trump in her vitriolic tweet by calling him incompetent and a liar. “Now, with more than 20,000 people dead because of his incompetence and lies, he’s proven that the can’t handle the truth. He’s unfit to lead this nation… especially in a time of crisis,” the Oscar-winning actress wrote.

Walls was song was written as an anti-Trump screed, accusing the president of being incapable of telling the truth.

The Grammy-winner has frequently expressed her antipathy for President Trump on social media.

The Hollywood star tweeted a violent photo last year depicting a bloodied President Trump being impaled by the heel of a shoe belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She tweeted earlier that year that President Trump should be the first “climate denier” to be removed from office.

Per TCO, early March Performer Barbra Streisand has penned an Op-Ed on “Why Trump must be Defeated” for Variety magazine, where she calls Trump “a one-man weapon of mass destruction.”

Streisand is very active on Twitter, sharing her anti-Trump opinions regularly.

Why are the Russians and Donald Trump both backing Bernie for the Democratic nomination? Bernie has repeatedly voted against sanctions against Russia. Trump likes this — and fears Biden, not Bernie, in November.

In the past, Streisand blamed Trump for her own weight gain.

Streisand writes in Variety:

Yes, Mr. Trump, let’s make America great again. But first, get one thing straight: America was great — before you were elected.

Every morning I wake up, holding my breath while I turn on my phone to see the latest news. I think to myself, “It can’t be worse than yesterday.” But when the news loads, I think, “Ohhhhh, yes, it is worse”… now he’s fired the director of national intelligence in an effort to suppress the truth about Russia interfering in our elections again. He’s purging the government of anyone with any expertise who doesn’t bow down before him.

By the way, why has Mitch McConnell blocked 10 election security bills?

No wonder doctors report that more people than ever are anxious and depressed. Since 2016, we’ve been dragged down into the mud of Trump’s swamp. He has demolished our standing in the world with his laughable boasts and breathtaking ignorance. He has put the security of this country, and our planet, in a precarious position by abandoning the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal. He’s a one-man weapon of mass destruction … so reckless that he almost started a war.

Now we’re facing another kind of war, against the coronavirus. Trump got rid of our pandemic specialist two years ago and has defunded the Centers for Disease Control because he continues to ignore science.

We can’t go on like this. It’s too dangerous.

We should have known from the beginning, when Trump fired James Comey for refusing to pledge loyalty to him, as if he were a king. But in America, we pledge allegiance to the flag, not one particular person. And the president swears to uphold the Constitution, which sets out the rules of law that every citizen, even the president, must obey.

But Trump thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He, and his appointees, have set a whole new level of misconduct. His recent spree of pardons looks like a transparent attempt to normalize his own corruption and pave the way for pardoning his cronies, who have lied for him. (He fires people who obey the law and tell the truth.)

That’s Trump’s world. It’s a place of paranoia, hypocrisy and lies, so many lies (16,000 and counting). He says he will protect people with preexisting conditions in his State of the Union address, while he supports a lawsuit that will strip away those protections. He says we have the cleanest air and water, but what he doesn’t say is that he’s rolling back the regulations that keep it that way. Someone should tell him you can have a good economy and still be good to the planet. But Trump doesn’t listen, and therefore he doesn’t learn.