Barbra Streisand and John Legend to Headline Fundraiser for Joe Biden

Actress Barbra Streisand and singer John Legend will headline a fundraiser for presidential candidate Joe Biden in June.

Streisand regularly posts her anti-Trump political views on social media.

Streisand recently tweeted “Trump keeps claiming he did a great job managing the pandemic. Under his management the USA is number one in cases and deaths. If this is success what does failure look like?”

Earlier this month, Legend said Trump is “the exact opposite of what we need right now.”

Legend also added, “He says a bunch of ridiculous happy-talk home remedies that people should not be doing and he thinks he’s brilliant because he has a relative who is a doctor.”

Variety reports former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced a fundraiser for his Victory Fund featuring Barbra Streisand and John Legend.

The event, titled “A Fabulous Evening with Vice President Joe Biden,” will take place virtually on June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Headlined by Streisand and Legend with more special guests to be announced, the fundraiser will benefit Biden’s Victory Fund, which is a committee consisting of the Biden campaign, the DNC and 26 state parties to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

According to the event invite, tickets start at $2,800 for a guest spot. A $5,600 donation garners “supporter” status, $41,000 is considered a “sponsor” donation and includes a VIP clutch and for $100,000 attendees can be deemed a “host.”

Streisand and Legend join other musicians and celebrities who have pledged to support Biden through appearing at his fundraisers. On Thursday, Biden’s Victory Fund is hosting another music-oriented fundraiser, called “Rock Out on a Night In with Vice President Joe Biden.” Whoopi Goldberg and senator Tammy Duckworth are co-hosting the event, with performances by Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, David Crosby, Rufus Wainwright and Jimmy Buffett. Tickets for “Rock Out on a Night In” start at $250 for a guest spot, and increase incrementally with $100,000 warranting a “co-chair” title.

Both Streisand and Legend have shown their support for Democratic presidential candidates in the past, each performing for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during their campaigns. Legend initially endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren and appeared at several of her events in South Carolina earlier in the presidential race.