Backlash After Stacey Abrams Claims “You Don’t Have the Right to Vote in Georgia”

At a recent DNC gala, Stacey Abrams continued to publicly lament her 2018 loss in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, again stating her belief that she was the rightful winner of the race which she lost to Republican opponent Brian Kemp.

“You don’t have the right to vote in the state of Georgia,” Abrams allegedly said, adding, “We have the opportunity to possibly think about maybe being able to participate in the right to vote in the state of Georgia.”

Abrams was quoted to have also said, “We don’t know the truth, because there wasn’t a fair fight.”

Since her loss during the 2018 midterm elections, Abrams has repeatedly accused her opponent of having cheated by suppressing votes, claims Kemp has vehemently denied.

Social media commentary indicated that Abrams’ refusal to admit the results of the election has not impressed US voters.