AZ State Senator announces private canvass results, calls for Election to be Decertified

Moments ago, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted:

Stats from the canvass sent to me by @SKeshel

*canvassed two precincts fully & large sections of precincts throughout the county. Interviewed more voters than 75% of towns/cities in America have residents. Sample falls within 95% scientific accuracy for extrapolations. (1/5)

1) Votes Lost of Stolen – not recorded at county level – 173,104 – suggests a large swap-out, discarding, or over-scrutinization of votes, perhaps why it took 10 days to finalize election in Arizona? Similar findings from Matt Braynard’s studies in AZ. (2/5)

2) Ghost (Phantom) votes – non-existent voters with votes recorded – 96,389 – 1 out of 20 interviewed identified at least one phantom voter registered to their address.

3) Voting method does not match official record – Est. 30,000 (3/5)

*Did not vote, but vote recorded
*Voted in person, but mail-in vote recorded instead

4) Liz proposes legislative action

5) 173,104 voted but not record + 96,389 ghost + 30,000 method (4/5)

299,493 IMPACTED VOTES = 1/7th of the 2.089mm total, and this is the low-end estimate.


She added “We need FORENSIC AUDITS, CANVASSES, ARRESTS, and LEGISLATION. Gotta have all four to preserve our elections or we don’t have a country.

Do we need any more evidence to finally recall the electors and decertify the election? Preliminary audit results & a private canvass. More evidence is coming but I already have seen enough. History will judge us well when we finally get 2020 right. #Decertify