AZ secretary of state asks state AG to investigate if Trump “committed a crime”

Friday, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced that she has asked her state’s Attorney General to investigate if the Trump admin has “committed a crime” with recent changes at the US. Postal Service.

Hobbs tweeted:

In Arizona, it’s against the law to “delay the delivery of a ballot.” I’ve asked Attorney General Brnovich to investigate recent changes at USPS, and whether or not the Trump administration has committed a crime.

Our postal workers have a motto: “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat…” I have every confidence that these couriers will work diligently to overcome this political interference and ensure timely delivery of the mail, including election mail.

Within the letter, Hobbs writes “The effect of these changes, taken individually or together, is an extended transit period for mail. The timing of such changes––just months before a major election in which a record number of people are expected to rely on USPS when exercising their fundamental right to vote––would be conspicuous on its own. Taken with comments from President Trump however, it’s clear that something more may be afoot here.”

She adds “In a state where the vast majority of voters choose to [vote] by mail, attempts to sabotage the USPS just months before an election are most certainly attempts to interfere with ‘the free exercise of the right of suffrage.”