Author Ryan Girdusky says there are signs millennials are moving towards the Republican Party

Appearing on HillTV Ryan Girdusky argued that there are signs that millennials are moving towards the Republican party.

“I think Biden won the millennial voter by like 7 points or 8 point… and Obama won by 32 points. That’s a gigantic swing and it’s not all based on ideology, although some of it is,” Girdusky said during his appearance.

“Forty percent of millennials, and we are going into our late 30s at this point, have not had their first child yet. A large portion have not bought their first home yet. A delay in adulthood… It’s very concerning as far as what people want especially as they get older,” he continued.

“You may have a lot of people who, you know, with families and having children that changes you and that changes your concerns politically and people who have families tend to vote more Republican,” he added.