Atlantic article blames “sexism and racism” for Kamala’s low approval rating woes

A new article in progressive publication “The Atlantic” by Peter Nicholas claims “the simplest explanation for the Biden-Harris approval gap is sexism and racism.”

Harris’ approval rating, at 45% is 7 points lower than President Biden’s.

“Men view Harris unfavorably by an 18-point margin, and she is a convenient proxy for conservative pundits who have demeaned her through sexist tropes,” the article continues.

“Part of my frustration is the way that this system rewards sound bites” instead of “depth and thought,” Harris says in the article.

According to a recent Axios report “a group of the Democratic Party’s most influential women met for dinner at a home in the nation’s capital last month to game out how to defend Vice President Kamala Harris and her chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, against a torrent of bad press.”

Meanwhile, Wednesday, former President Trump issued a new statement blasting the Atlantic specifically.

“It’s good to see that the Atlantic Magazine is losing large numbers of readers and a fortune of money,” Trump writes.

“Only a widow of Steve Jobs and her boyfriend, I am sure Steve is thrilled, would keep it going. People think it will close soon, but who knows…” he continued.

“It is amazing what’s happening to the discredited media like CNN, MSDNC, New York Times, & Washington Post. Their businesses have dropped off a cliff, which is actually a very good thing for the American people, because they are Fake News (likewise the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS).” Trump adds.