Atlanta Mayor Issues 3 Orders From “Use of Force” Council Report

Appearing on Today, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms discussed how Atlanta and the state of Georgia are responding to calls for police reform.

She also comments on Atlanta’s reopening plans and rumors regarding her candidacy for vice president.

WATCH: reports Atlanta’s new advisory council created to improve use-of-force policies created 10 early action items. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms received the recommendations and on Thursday issued three administrative orders.

The other seven are undergoing further “legal and operational review.”

The administrative orders focus on identifying policies to improve officer compliance and public transparency of captured body worn camera footage; witness footage of use-of-force by officers, and community awareness about the Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB).

“In just 14 days, the Use of Force Advisory Council has developed meaningful recommendations to begin the process of revising Atlanta’s Use of Force polices to rebuild trust in our communities,” said Mayor Bottoms in a statement. “Thank you to the members of this Advisory Council for your diligence and thoughtfulness. Together, we will harness this moment in history to reimagine our use of force policies and elevate the Atlanta Police Department as a national model for modern policing.”

The first order directs the chief of police to identify policies and procedural changes to further improve body worn camera compliance from the current level of 94 percent, according to the news release.

It also directs Atlanta police to improve transparency and overall responsiveness to public requests for officer footage.

The second order directs the chief information officer to develop a platform that allows the public to submit recordings of use-of-force violations. The recordings will be incorporated into investigations “ensuring that public recordings are included with APD footage in decisions,” the release said.

The third order directs the chief of staff and city attorney to work with the ACRB to identify measures to further strengthen the organization. These measures include legislative, budgetary, and/or operational needs to begin a proactive review by ACRB of all deadly use-of-force cases.

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