Assemblyman Kim says “people are inching toward the impeachment process” on Cuomo

Appearing on the Yahoo News “Skyllduggery” podcast, NY Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat said “people are inching toward the impeachment process” on embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I believe there needs to be a thorough investigation,” Kim said.

“But I did say that if there is enough evidence, we need to start the impeachment process. I sent a memo, along with ten — nine other colleagues on Monday after his press conference that we need to take this measure. So, I think there are other members that now, they agree with it.”

“We have a meeting next week,” he continued. “But, as you — but our Democratic conference in Albany, we have a lot of members, so it will take a little time to build that consensus. But every day I think people are inching toward the impeachment process.”

Kim also said he believes as many as 30 members of his conference support an impeachment investigation into Cuomo.