Asian Immigrant Woman Delivers Bad News to Dems Who Think They Own Her Vote!

Do the Democrats think they “own” the immigrant vote?

That’s what one Asian immigrant woman says, and she says not so fast.

Daily Caller reported that columnist Lisa Smiley understands why many people think she “should be a Democrat.”

However, as Smiley explains in this Daily Caller video, she’s not about to join a party that seeks to “reduce people to their group’s identity.” Sadly, the party that “claims to be the party of immigrants, minorities, the marginalized and women,” and to “represent the little guy, and stand up to those conservative Republicans against the evil white male privilege,” doesn’t speak for her or her values.

Smiley, a Chinese-descended two-time immigrant (to New Zealand and the United States) comes from a family that “came in legally” and went “through the process.” Democrats, on the other hand, say to “hell with the process,” insisting we “let anyone and everyone” in despite the “millions of dreamers who waited in line” to enter the United States legally.

Smiley goes on to explain several key differences between Democratic Party values and the values that defined and built America with the help of millions of immigrants who did things the right way, like her and her family.

“So, as an immigrant minority Asian woman, the Democratic Party does not speak for me, nor does it represent any of my values,” she said. “You reduce people to their group’s identity, and frankly it’s degrading. And that is why I’m not a Democrat.”

Watch the video: