Arnold says “Biden was successful because he appeared to be in the center”

Appearing on CNN, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his take on the November election.

Schwarzenegger said “I think with Trump it was very simply that four years ago, they voted for Trump because he promised them a certain amount of things. “I think the second time, when you get reelected or want to get reelected, it’s more about what promises did you keep and how did you perform as the leader. And I think that’s where obviously people felt that he fell short. And so this is why he was voted out.”

“People like to see a balance in Washington between the Democrats and the Republicans,” Arnold also told Michael Smerconish “Biden was successful because he appeared to be in the center.”

“People that are in the center create the action,” the star of “The Terminator” said  “I believe in what Eisenhower said: Politics is like a road. … The center is drivable, and the left and the right is the gutter. That’s exactly what it is.”