Arkansas Governor signs bill banning most abortions in the state

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed SB 6, a bill into law banning most abortions in the state.

Exceptions are made in cases where the life of the mother is in danger.

Hutchinson explained in a statement “I will sign SB6 because of overwhelming legislative support and my sincere and long-held pro-life convictions. SB6 is in contradiction of binding precedents of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it is the intent of the legislation to set the stage for the Supreme Court overturning current case law. I would have preferred the legislation to include the exceptions for rape and incest, which has been my consistent view, and such exceptions would increase the chances for a review by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The bill was approved by the Arkansas Senate 27-7 last month.

Planned Parenthood Great Plans tweeted in response “Today’s decision by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to sign SB 6 into law goes against what the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld: Every person has a constitutionally protected right to access abortion care, including from trusted medical providers here in Arkansas.”

“Abortion is essential medical care that should not be caught in the crosshairs of political agendas.
Access to health care is a basic human right, and Planned Parenthood Great Plains will always be there for our patients.”