Arizona GOP Lawmakers vote to strip power from Democrat Secretary of State

According to a new report from the NY Times “the Republican-controlled state Legislature in Arizona voted Thursday to revoke the Democratic secretary of state’s legal authority in election-related lawsuits, handing that power instead to the Republican attorney general.”

“The move added more discord to the politics of a state already roiled by the widely derided move by Senate Republicans to commission a private firm to recount the vote six months after the November election. And it was the latest in a long series of moves in recent years by Republicans to strip elected Democrats of money and power in states under GOP control,” the report added.

Hobbs had callled for a shutdown of the Arizona Audit.

Hobbs tweeted “Last night, the Senate passed a budget that attacks my authority and resources in a move that is clearly a power grab. Here is my response”

Appearing on MSNBC last week, Hobbs said “We have no confidence’ in audit results.”