AOC Unleashes on Trump After He Calls Her “Not Talented in Many Ways”

AOC snapped back after President Trump ripped her during a Rose Garden presser.

“Joe Biden put AOC, a young woman – not talented in many ways – in charge of his energy plan and the environment,” Trump said. “When I first saw the Green New Deal, I thought it was a joke.”


AOC fired back by claiming she had to overcome more and has achieved a lot for her age.

A man whose entire life was built on a rich blend of daddy’s money and financial fraud accuses me, daughter of a house cleaner who won multiple elections to Congress by the age of 30, of not having talent.

You can tell from his delivery that even HE doesn’t believe it.

The reaction on Twitter was mixed.

Andy Ostroy wrote:

“Be flattered that he’s attacking you. He only attacks people he’s afraid of..”

Mika Mason wrote “He’s right.”

Another AOC supporter wrote:

“AOC is one the best-informed, hardest working, and most dedicated members of congress. Trump is the least-informed, most lazy, and most selfish presidents in history.”

A Trump supporter replied:

“I can assure you, @AOC we ALL believe it. @realDonaldTrump is not wrong about you!”