AOC Touches Face Over and Over While Advising NOT to Touch Your Face for Coronavirus Prevention

During a segment where AOC urged people to not touch their face in a precautionary measure to prevent getting coronavirus, Ocasio-Cortez touched her face repeatedly.


Do you think that… gave more information to the extent this is going to go, is this going to expand, is it going to contract? I mean, were they alarmist?


Well, we have — we have — the meeting was declassified so much of the information that we have is in line with the public statements that have been released by the CDC.

I think what’s, again, what’s important is that folks a) remain calm, but b) I know it sounds banal, but one of the key parts to prevent transmission is washing your hands and not touching your face.

So there’s a lot of folks that are trying to ask themselves, ‘Do I need a mask? Talk to me about the efficacy of the mask?’ A mask will not protect you if you don’t wash your hands and if you continue to touch your face.

So make sure that — that is the key number one thing that you need to do, 20 seconds, ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, and to make sure that — that — again, that you make sure that — that that we stay diligent on those public health aspects. Our public health system is going to be the key critical aspect of preventing transmission.


Jim Mason wrote “@AOC touched her face seven times in less than two minutes during this interview while advising people not to.”

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