AOC stirs debate after calling for the Biden Admin to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium

Moments ago, progressive Democrat AOC called for the Biden admin to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium.

“I urge the Biden Administration to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium. It is reckless not to extend the deadline when rental assistance funds have not gone out fast enough to protect people. Eviction filings have already spiked in anticipation of the moratorium being lifted,” AOC wrote.

“New data also suggests the vast majority of the 6 million households with rental debt are in counties with high transmission rates of the delta variant. We must protect the vulnerable and do everything in our power to prevent a mass eviction crisis,” she added.

One Twitter user replied “At some point the moratorium needs to end. It can’t keep getting extended. If it gets extended now what will happen when that deadline comes, extend it again and again and again?

Another wrote “Can you urge them to cancel student debt? Gracias, mujer.”

Steve Berthiaume tweeted “And then you’ll push to help the landlords that fell behind on their mortgages because they didn’t receive rent?”

One Twitter user replied “Falling behind on the mortgage of an extra house is not the same as families becoming homeless.