AOC Shares Make-Up Tips With Her Followers Prior to Bernie Rally Appearance

Prior to her rally with Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles, AOC offered some make-up tips for her Instagram followers.

From NYPost

“It’s all very DIY especially if you’re a woman running for office, you just have to learn how to do your own makeup, and I did it with lots of YouTube tutorials,” AOC added before sharing a photo of her current makeup regimen.“The first thing I need to do is put on my makeup,” she said. “I do my own makeup, the only exception is when you go on TV;  TV stations usually do your makeup for you.

Ocasio-Cortez then used the moment to make a broader point about double-standards for male and female grooming.

“This is one of those slight elevated expectations of women to put 30 minutes to an hour into their appearance every day to look just as presentable as a man who puts 10 minutes into their appearance,” she said.

“When you add it up over years, women spending an hour in the morning, that’s one more hour in the day that adds to what women have to do that a lot of other people don’t have to do and I think it’s an important conversation for us to have.”