AOC fires back after GOP candidate jokes AOC has “put an end” to all “dumb blonde” jokes

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) fired back after Republican candidate for congress Marjorie Taylor Greene mockingly joked the progressive lawmaker has “put an end to all dumb blonde jokes.”

Taylor wrote “As a blonde woman, I would like to take a moment to thank Congresswoman @AOC. She has single handily put an end to all “dumb blonde” jokes.”

She added mockingly “Blondes everywhere appreciate your service and your sacrifice!”

AOC fired back:

“Don’t worry Mrs. Greene, I completely understand why you need to swing + miss at my intellect to make yourself feel better.

You seem to have some trouble spelling your own insults correctly.

Next time try “single-handedly,” it’ll work better.

Good luck writing legislation!”

To which Taylor Greene wrote:

[email protected] please … no one cares about typos.

While you were growing up in socialist boot camp, I was creating 1000s of jobs, $250 million in revenue in 11 different states.

Your Marxist GND will destroy millions of jobs.

And I’m going to put it through the paper shredder.

Ava who goes by “Mini AOC” chimed in and wrote “I challenge you to a spelling contest @AOC”