AOC Reacts to Only Being Given 60 Seconds to Speak at DNC Convention With Poem

Wednesday, news broke that social media star and Democratic party lawmaker AOC will only be given 60 seconds to deliver remarks next week at the DNC convention.

AOC reacted to a Business Insider article reporting the news with a quote from Benjamin E. Mays.

“I only have a minute.
Sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon me, I did not choose it,
But I know that I must use it.
Give account if I abuse it.
Suffer, if I lose it.

Only a tiny little minute,
But eternity is in it.”

– Dr. Benjamin E. Mays
(and recited by Elijah Cummings)

An interesting exchange then took place as AOC was reunited virtually with a former teacher from the 2nd grade who wished her well.

AOC replied to her

Ms. Jacobs! Is that you?!

Yes, I do remember the poems we recited in second grade! You prepared me perfectly for this moment. Thank you for teaching me, encouraging my growth, and believing in me as a child”