AOC Praises NYC Anti-Cop Protesters who Jumped Subway Turnstiles Without Paying

Freshman lawmaker AOC voiced her support via Twitter for an anti-police protest in NYC where protesters jumped over subway turnstiles without paying.

One Twitter user tweeted a video of the event.


AOC then shared the video and wrote:

Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich.

Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community.

New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it, and they’re standing up for each other.

Per FoxNews, in the video, protesters are shown helping each other jump turnstiles without paying the fare, while others are holding signs with slogans like “No cops, no fares.” One straphanger who did choose to pay the fare can be heard being yelled at by a protester.

“How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D,” protesters in the video chant. But the anti-cop chants heard in the video didn’t prevent Ocasio-Cortez from lending her support to their actions.

In another video, BLM protesters wear masks and chant “fire, fire, fire to the gentrifiers.”

In the video below, protesters chant “How do you spell racist? NYPD”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., will campaign for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in Iowa. The duo will be at three events across two days between Nov 8-9, including a “Climate Crisis Summit.” The Register reported that she will promoting the Green New Deal at those events — an expansive government-run overhaul of the economy and energy output to fight climate change.


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