AOC Praises Denmark for Their “Social Democracy That Treats Healthcare & Education as Rights”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted Sunday thanking everyone for birthday wishes and heaping praise on Denmark.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

Spending the day in Denmark after C40, enjoying this social democracy that treats healthcare & education as rights, zero-carbon as priority, & infrastructure as a key public good.

Here’s to another year of fighting for our future.

Some Twitter users responded to AOC for her apparent attempt to use Denmark as an example of a country more closely following what she considers an ideal agenda.

Christian Heart wrote:

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is the head of state & the cabinet is the executive power. It is unicameral (leftist) & the Prime minister is chosen by the monarch even when there is separation of powers. Please study, don’t go on showing your ignorance.

Other Twitter users defended AOC’s tweet.

Yes, all the Scandinavian countries are always in the top of the happiness index. Their standards of living are so far beyond what we know in the US, because in the early 1900s, they stood up to their own 1% and said, “The people will run the countries.” Read: Viking Economics.

Late September, Ocasio-Cortez introduced a suite of anti-poverty bills called ‘The Just Society’ aiming to radically transform the lives of Americans living in poverty.

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