AOC opponent accuses her of staying in her luxury apt while people in her district are dying

AOC’s opponent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera blasted her this week tweeting:

.@AOC doesn’t care. She is staying in her luxury DC apt. w/a Whole Foods. People in our district are dying. I’m delivering meals to the nearest ICU & I’m assisting our neighbors in getting baby formula. I provide results


Caruso-Cabrera is also blasting AOC on Twitter.

Responding to a Politico article “The coronavirus pandemic could plunge NYC into the worst economic crisis since the 1970s, costing the city 475,000 jobs and nearly $10 billion in revenue” Caruo-Cabrera tweeted:

We need action now @AOC. The Bronx and Queens need a representative who will lead them to economic prosperity. I have a record of understanding the economy. I know what it takes to bring businesses back.  I will bring back jobs to the Bronx and Queens!

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