AOC Had Tweeted Her Support for Corbyn Prior to His Devastating Loss to Boris Johnson

Progressive lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez essentially endorsed UK labor leader Jeremy Corbyn prior to his devastating loss to Boris Johnson.

Thursday morning, AOC tweeted:

This video is about the UK, but it might as well have been produced about the United States.

The hoarding of wealth by the few is coming at the cost of peoples’ lives.

The only way we change is with a massive surge of *new* voters at the polls. UK, Vote!

Kade Lamberty replied “Foreign election interference is only ok when @aoc does it.”

Kai wrote “It’s hilarious to be reading this while im watching Boris and the conservatives walk away with a massive win. Next year we’re going to have that same massive win

Scott Pressler wrote “Your endorsement of the anti-Semitic Labour Party backfired.

It was a landslide for Conservatives.”

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