AOC Feuds With Sarah Sanders, Says GOP governors “sending vulnerable workers to die”

Moments ago, AOC fired back at former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Sanders had tweeted:

@AOC says Americans should boycott work. As usual she’s wrong. The goal should be for Americans to SAFELY return to work because unlike AOC and members of Congress, most of us actually have to show up at work to get paid and support our families! #ProtectLivesProtectLivelihoods

AOC responded:

Look who’s talking about showing up for work! The woman didn’t hold a press conference for months while holding a job as press sec. If you’re so supportive of this admin’s plan, why don’t you go out and try delivering groceries for a living w/o health insurance or mass testing?

In separate tweets, AOC then wrote:

Trump has NO PLAN to get people safely back to work.

GOP Govs like Kemp are sending vulnerable workers to die w/ false claims of safety.

Trump also pushed an unproven, dangerous treatment as a “cure” & firing experts who want to vet claims.

Last thing you care abt is safety.

And by the way, setting up vulnerable workers to grind 70 hours a week to barely survive and STILL not have health insurance is unsafe too.

Appearing on Vice, AOC argued “We’re not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table.”


When we talk about this idea of reopening society you know, only in America- does the president — when the president tweets about liberation — does he mean go back to work.

When we have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot people should just say no — we’re not going back to that.

We’re not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table and not even feel any sort of semblance of security in our lives.


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