AOC congratulates “Green New Deal” ally Ed Markey after his victory over Joe Kennedy

Does AOC’s endorsement now carry more weight than Nancy Pelosi’s?

It’s a questions some Democrats are sure to ponder after AOC-backed Ed Markey defeated Nancy Pelosi backed Joe Kennedy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted after the race was called “Congratulations
@EdMarkey- yours is a victory for the progressive movement, for 21st century policy, and for the Green New Deal Earth globe americas”

She added “THANK YOU to every single voter, supporter, organizer, grassroots donor, & everyday person who helped make this happen. This win belongs to you”

In a separate tweet, AOC praised Markey for offering expertise and partnership when she first got to Congress while others were “chilly.”

She wrote:

On a personal note, when I first got to Congress the reception I got in many spaces was v chilly.

Ed Markey wasn’t afraid. He offered his expertise & partnership. He wasn’t scared of big policy & didn’t use kid gloves.

It‘s great to watch him overcome the odds and win tonight.

AOC also shared a tweet by Markey who wrote after victory “Growing up, my father told me, don’t beg for your rights, you organize, and you take them. So, to the young people fighting in this movement for change, here is my charge: march in the streets, protest, run for school committee or city council or the state legislature. And win.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who endorsed the loser Joe Kennedy, has yet to address his loss and Markey’s victory on Twitter as of the time of publication of this piece.