AOC Compares Criticism of Omar to the Holocaust, Immediately Backfires

Recently, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to the defense of her embattled colleague, Ilhan Omar, calling President Trump’s criticism of Omar an “explicit attack,” while citing the Holocaust.

The Holocaust reference, however, did not sit well with many, who let Ocasio-Cortez know that her comparison was entirely unacceptable.

Outraged, conservative pundits took to social media to respond, pointing out that Omar’s frequent remarks, deemed by many to be anti-Semitic, left the Holocaust reference appearing in extremely poor taste.

For Democrats, including Ocasio-Cortez, Omar’s comments regarding Jews, Israel, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and other issues continue proving to be a stumbling block in their attempts to appease the ever-changing liberal constituency.

A new petition has called for Ilhan Omar to be impeached.

You can read and view the petition here.

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