AOC Called Out for Faking Urban Accent, Then Calls Criticism “Hurtful”

Earlier today, liberal media sensation “AOC” was widely mocked for using a urban accent she’s never been heard using before to a primarily black audience.


Ocasio Cortez was quickly called out for “black-speak” which many considered condescending and shameful.

Even liberals called out Ocasio-Cortez for her “Ebonics” accent and fakery.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to the firestorm of criticism by claiming her dialect comes from “The Bronx.”

AOC also whined that the criticism of her is “so hurtful.”

However many were not impressed.

Derek Schwartz wrote:

No. The victim card can’t help you on this. You were using a fake accent to seem relatable. We all heard it. You know it. Take this L with some dignity.

Dawn wrote

“Hell no it’s not. I’m from Jersey. I now live in VA and they know I’m from up north. She tried pulling shes a southern girl. That accent sucked too. One big fake con job”